Audit logs

This page presents the list of events available in audit logs as well as clarifying notes

AdminSuperadmin created admin lock
Superadmin deleted admin lock
AttachmentAdmin created attachment
Admin deleted attachment
Guest created attachment
BillingAdmin updated billing information
Admin updated subscription
Admin created subscription
Admin cancelled subscription
Admin reactivated subscription
BrockmeyerCampaign created
Campaign status changed
CandidateCandidate applied via email
Candidate applied via careers site
Candidate created from referral portal
Admin created candidate
Admin created candidate by copy
Admin created candidate by file import
Importer created candidate
Admin updated candidate
Admin deleted candidate
Admin retrieved candidate
Admin merged candidates
Admin reset candidate photo
Admin deleted candidate cv
Admin updated candidate cv
Admin changed candidate cv
Admin viewed candidate
Admin assigned admins to candidate
Admin deassigned admins from candidate
Admin followed candidate
Admin unfollowed candidate
Candidate cv parsed
Triggered action failed
Admin granted access to candidate
Admin revoked access to candidate
Admin viewed candidate
Information about users accessing data is not logged in Audit logs.
The event designated as Admin viewed candidate represents a situation when there is a new candidate in Recruitee, with a "new" badge displayed,
which is represented as a "viewed: false" flag on his record.
The first admin who opens the profile will update a "viewed" flag on the backend from "false" to "true".
Therefore, the audit log presents information about the first admin accessing the candidate.
We maintain audit logs to be able to track changes to the data - it is not used to track data access.
CareersAdmin updated terms
Admin updated settings
Admin deleted past subdomain
CompanyAdmin created company
Admin updated company
Admin left company
Admin created invitation
Admin deleted invitation
Admin resent invitation
System created SSO invitation
Admin updated membership
Admin deleted membership
Membership is created
Admin assigned admin to offers
Admin unassigned admin from offers
Admin created role
Admin duplicated role
Admin updated role
Admin deleted role
Admin created deletion request
Admin created primary contact
Admin changed primary contact
ConsentAdmin granted sign in consent
Admin revoked sign in consent
ContainerAdmin created container
Admin updated container
Admin deleted container
Admin sent share links
Custom fieldsAdmin created candidate field
Admin updated candidate field
Admin deleted candidate field
Admin created field
Admin updated field
Candidate field visibility changed
EEOAdmin updated company settings
Admin updated job settings
Admin created data request
Candidate completed data request
Candidate skipped data request
Data request link sent
GDPRAdmin changed configuration
Admin updated candidates custom expires at
Admin completed request
Candidate created request
Candidate accepted retention period
Candidate declined retention period
Candidate deleted
Consent status updated
Consent link sent
ImportAdmin finished import
Admin reverted import
Admin deleted import
InterviewAdmin scheduled event
Admin updated event
Admin deleted event
Admin rescheduled event
Admin assigned admins to event
Admin unassigned admins from event
Admin filled result
Admin updated result
Admin deleted result
Admin requested results
Admin dismissed result requests
Admin reverted result request
Admin dismissed result request
Admin deleted result request
Guest filled result
Guest updated result
Guest deleted result API only
Admin created result request link
Result request link is created
Admin created event request link
Event request link is created
Admin deleted request link
Candidate filled result
Candidate scheduled event
Triggered action failed
Admin created template
Admin duplicated template
Admin updated template
Admin deleted template
System changed video provider
LanguageSettings created for company
Settings updated for company
Language created for company
Language updated for company
Language deleted for company
LinkedInAdmin enabled integration
Admin disabled integration
LocationAdmin created location
Admin updated location
Admin deleted location
Admin archived location
Admin retrieved location
Admin duplicated location
Admin merged locations
MailboxAdmin archived thread
Admin archived threads API only
Admin unarchived thread
Admin unarchived threads API only
Admin read threads
Admin unread threads
Admin pinned thread to candidate
Admin converted thread to candidate
Admin converted attachment to candidate
Admin deleted thread
Admin deleted message
Admin scheduled deliveries
Application confirmation scheduled for delivery
Candidate interview invite scheduled for delivery
Interviewers interview invite scheduled for delivery
Message rescheduled for delivery
Message updated
Triggered action failed
Admin created email template
Admin updated email template
Admin duplicated email template
Admin deleted email template
Admin created event invitation template
Admin updated event invitation template
Admin duplicated event invitation template
Admin deleted event invitation template
Email provider created
Email provider updated
Email provider toggled
System disconnected email provider
Admin created auto reply template
Admin updated auto reply template
Admin duplicated auto reply template
Admin set default auto reply template
Admin unset default auto reply template API only
Admin deleted auto reply template
NoteAdmin created note
Admin updated note
Admin deleted note
Admin pinned note
Admin unpinned note
Admin updated note checklist
Admin changed note visibility
Admin mentioned admins
Guest created note
Guest updated note API only
Guest deleted note API only
OfferAdmin created offer
Admin updated offer
Admin deleted offer
Admin duplicated offer
Admin changed offer status
Admin published offer
Admin unpublished offer
Admin closed offer
Admin archived offer
Admin unarchived offer
Admin set offer as draft
Admin changed job scheduler
Offer automatically published
Offer automatically closed
Offer failed to automatically published
Admin assigned admins to offer
Admin unassigned admins from offer
Admin assigned fieldset to offer
Admin unassigned fieldset from offer
Admin saved custom fieldset as template
Admin followed offer
Admin unfollowed offer
Admin created open question
Admin updated open question
Admin deleted open question
Admin updated open question visibility
Admin created open question template
Admin deleted open question template
Admin updated open question template
Admin duplicated open question template
Admin saved custom open question template as template
Admin created departments
Admin updated department
Admin deleted departments
Admin merged departments
Admin assigned auto reply template to offer
Admin unassigned auto reply template from offer API only
Admin saved custom auto reply template as template
Admin assigned open question template to offer
Admin unassigned open question template from offer
Admin set default open question template
Admin unset default open question template
Admin saved custom pipeline template as template
Admin created custom pipeline template
Admin assigned pipeline template to offer
Admin saved custom referral template as template
Admin updated locations in offer
PipelineAdmin disqualified candidate
Admin requalified candidate
Admin changed candidate stage
Admin changed candidate offer API only
Admin assigned candidate to offer
Admin assigned offer to new candidate
Admin created pipeline template
Admin updated pipeline template
Admin duplicated pipeline template
Admin set default pipeline template
Admin deassigned candidate from offer
Admin created stage
Admin updated stage
Admin updated stage time limit
Admin deleted stage
Admin updated default disqualify reason
Admin created default disqualify reason
Admin deleted default disqualify reason
Admin deleted pipeline template
Admin assigned work location to placement
Admin updated locations in placement
Candidate gone overdue
Referral adminAdmin updated program
Admin enabled program
Admin disabled program
Admin created reward
Admin updated reward
Admin deleted reward
Admin sent invitations
Admin updated conditions
Admin enabled referrals for offer
Admin disabled referrals for offer
Admin assigned reward to offer
Admin unassigned reward from offer
Admin updated terms
Admin deleted referrer
Admin set default template
Admin unset default template
System marked applications as claimed
System marked applications as process complete
Admin reopened application
Admin accepted application
Admin rejected application
Referral portalReferrer signed up
Referrer updated program
Referrer added application
Requisition ApprovalsAdmin created requisition
Admin updated requisition
Admin deleted requisition
Admin duplicated requisition
Admin archived requisition
Admin retrieved requisition
Requisition status changed
Requisition step started
Admin assigned admin to requisitions
Admin unassigned admin from requisitions
Admin followed requisition
Admin unfollowed requisition
Admin canceled approval request
Admin created approver decision
Admin approved requisition
Admin rejected requisition
Admin sent approver decision reminder
Admin updated approvers in requisition
Admin assigned requisition to offer
Admin unassigned requisition from offer
Admin created approval flow
Admin deleted approval flow
Admin updated approval flow
Admin updated form
Admin updated locations in requisition
Admin updated settings
Offer automatically created from requisition
TaggingsAdmin created candidate tags
Admin updated candidate tag
Admin deleted candidate tags
Admin merged candidate tags
Admin added tags to candidate
Admin removed tags from candidate
Admin created offer tags
Admin updated offer tag
Admin deleted offer tags
Admin merged offer tags
Admin added tags to offer
Admin removed tags from offer
TaskAdmin created task
Admin updated task
Admin completed task
Admin deleted task
Admin assigned admins to task
Admin unassigned admins from task
Triggered action failed
TextingAdmin added texting consent
Admin created campaign request
Admin created text message
Admin deleted phone number for texting
Admin deleted text message
Admin disabled texting
Admin enabled texting
Admin registered phone number for texting
Admin scheduled text message
Admin sent text message
Admin withdrawn texting consent
Candidate granted texting consent
Candidate sent text message
Candidate withdrew texting consent
System deleted texting campaign
System finished phone deletion task