This is an API for Job Campaign partners. You can use our Core API to pull the company's active offers from Recruitee and simplify the creation of campaigns in your service. With the Job Campaign Analytics API you can then receive information about your campaign's performance - visits, applications, and candidate movement in the offer pipeline.

We know that a lot of our customers value and want to use your services to improve the reach of their job offers. We also know that working with ATSes is hard for you because you can't easily measure the performance of your campaigns. This API gives you the following information that can help you in improving your campaigns:

  • how many visits, and unique visits, the campaign had,
  • how many candidates applied,
  • what happened after the candidate applied:
    • how they moved in the pipeline,
    • when they were disqualified,
    • when they were requalified.

About this documentation

All the following examples are based on a made-up "Acme" job campaign partner. If your company wants to use the Job Campaign Analytics API, contact us and we'll add you to the list and give access to the sandbox environment.

This API documentation points to the staging environment and only this environment should be used for developing an integration. Once the development on staging is done, you will receive the API key to be used in production.

Staging URL:
Production URL:

Enabling analytics

Our customers must opt-in to share analytics. To do this, they must follow these steps:

  1. Visit Find your service on the list and click "Integrate now".

  1. Toggle "Share analytics".

  1. "Accept and share data".
  1. That's it. From this point, this company's data will be included in the Analytics API.

Candidates tracking

UTM parameters are used to track candidates that visited Recruitee:

  • utm_source - identifier of your service, in this example it's acme
  • utm_campaign - this can be whatever you'd like.


For example, you can use the campaign's ID, as saved in your database:

  • ?utm_source=acme&utm_campaign=123

But you can also segment different channels:

  • ?utm_source=acme&utm_campaign=123:facebook,
  • ?utm_source=acme&utm_campaign=123:linkedin.

This field is for you and you can use it in whatever way makes sense to match data with your system.

Application form URL

Use our API (either public or private) to get the URL that candidates should land on. For example, looking at our public offers API: there are 2 fields that can be used for this purpose:

  • careers_url - URL to the offer's page,
  • careers_apply_url - URL of the application form.

The full URL with parameters would look something like this:


Pipeline stages

Stages configured in Recruitee can have types assigned, that are then mapped and sent in the API.

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