Note that this API no longer authenticates with the Bearer token generated in Recruitee, as it was scoped to the admin and company that generated it. This API allows you to perform actions "as integration" using partner's secret in the header:

RT-PARTNER-SECRET: {partner.secret}

Don't have the secret? Call GET /partner - it's part of the response.

Once the integration is promoted you will receive a different secret for production, so it's important to treat this as an environment variable that's different in development/staging, and production and to keep it even more secreter.


Company ID

Note that the Company ID belongs to the company that sent the assessment, not the company under which partner was created. POST partner.urls.send_assessment sends both report_id, and company_id and both should be saved.



Non-API URL. If present, will show "Open" button next to report and will open a new browser tab for the customer with this URL.


API-URL not visible to the customer. Will be called with the authorization token.

GET {report.urls.download_pdf} HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {token}

The response should have a form of a simple JSON string with a valid URL. URL that's being returned can expire, or be a single-use only. Example response:


This example URL can be used in the initial development phase: https://171a1fce0144ce938cc4cf8b91ba1e38.m.pipedream.net

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