Procure access to the Release Candidate (RC) environment, as described on the 🧩 Integration partners page.

1. Generate API token

Visit Settings > Personal API Tokens (https://app.rc.recruitee.dev/#/settings/api_tokens)

Click + New Token and generate a new token. Note your Company ID and Token; this combination will be needed for authentication.

Optional reading API Documentation

2. Create Partner

Send POST /partner request.

POST https://integrations.rc.recruitee.dev/api/p/{codename}/c/{company_id}/partner HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {token}

  "kind": "assessment",
  "name": "My Assessments",
  "urls": {
    "help_article": "https://example.com",
    "validate_token": "https://c9d2c92dc329471696e8a6b670ea7c2b.m.pipedream.net",
    "tests": "https://1da22d5d35232651e170c77e943d5a68.m.pipedream.net",
    "send_candidate": "https://44c576c0fcabcf04b41673900b795b1b.m.pipedream.net"
  • codename is your URL-friendly name, must be unique,
  • company_id and token noted from the Personal API Tokens page,
  • kind is one of: assessment, background_check, reference_check,
  • urls provided here are dummy URLs configured to return data for the integration to work for test purposes.

You can use our documentation to send this request with Try It! button, or use Postman, cURL, or your HTTP-caller of choice.


Before sending request


After sending request

Reading Concepts: Partner

3. Integrate

Visit Marketplace (https://app.rc.recruitee.dev/#/marketplace/all)

The newly created Partner will be available in the Marketplace. Click Integrate. Provide any token. Request to partner.urls.validate_token will be sent and, upon successful response, you will be integrated.


Click "Integrate"

Paste token and Click "Integrate"

Paste token and click "Integrate"

Reading Concepts - Promoted: false · Concepts - validate_token

4. Send candidate

Go to Jobs (https://app.rc.recruitee.dev/#/offers), open any Job and any Candidate. Click More ▼ button at the top-right corner. Click Send My Assessments tests.

Select test. This collection comes from your partner.urls.tests response.

Click Send to send the payload to your partner.urls.send_candidate endpoint.

Upon successful response, you will see a badge next to the candidate's name (it will look better with a logo) and a report at the bottom.

Reading Concepts - tests · Concepts - send_candidate