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Notice an error when trying to set any integration token:

In order to proceed, we need to set partner URLs.


Recruitee will call your service's API under the URLs you set. All the API requests will contain Authorization: Bearer {token} header with the token provided by the customer. You should make it easy for the customer to copy their token from your service in order to paste it to Recruitee. You should use the token to authenticate and authorize the user.

Expected response statuses:

  • 2xx - success
  • 401 or 403 - invalid token


The customer must provide a valid token in order to enable the integration.

GET {partner.urls.validate_token} HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {token}

This example URL can be used in the initial development phase:


Non-API URL that's visible to the customer and will be opened in the browser. Help article is required before the integration can be promoted to all customers. It should include information:

  • where to find API Token,
  • how to integrate using the token,
  • how to use the integration.

👇 Scroll down to PATCH /partner to update your partner with default values and finish the integration step.

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